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Just finished mixing my new CD of all original material. I'm partnering up with my old music buddy Tommy Fuller who did quite a few of the background vocals on my "The Road" CD. We're calling the partnership Spoondrift. Tommy's a great singer and sang a lot of the tracks although I did sing 3 songs on the album..It's quite similar to my solo projects...Pop acoustic with a lot of melody. I'm gonna post a couple of songs on my site but I am planning to put up a dedicated website for Spoondrift. (A preview non mastered mix of "When it comes Around" is posted)  I'll post to let everyone know when it's up and running. I'm pretty excited about the project and all the songs and it's really sounding great !!!  Thanks to everybody for listening :)

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First 4 songs from my Spoondrift CD..

Link Below if ya wanna checkout the complete CD !!

Also I'll be releasing a Sequel to "Just Monkeyin Around" called" More Monkeyin"...It was recorded during the same period with a similar sound...

some time soon :)

Happy Listening  !!


Spoondrift Link

Links For The Road