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Jan Heywood was born in Brooklyn N.Y. and started his musical adventure quite early. His mother decided he had displayed some musical talent by banging out matching notes on a toy xylophone when she played her classical recordings. The end result was Jan ended up at age 5 taking classes at the Dalcroze School of Music for dance,theory and piano.Although he eventually grew to hate these lessons ( Yes,he did make sure to tell his mom how grateful he was for forcing him to go music school !) he knew music was a big part of him. So, soon after stopping piano lessons he learned guitar and picked up folk, rock,and blues influences. He also had a good friend who was a tremendous banjo player and got interested in bluegrass music. He quickly learned how to play mandolin and the 5 string banjo. Early on he joined an original rock band with horns that was being shopped to the Major Labels in New York. He recorded at the Record Plant and the Hit Factory and also struck up friendships with the A&R folks at Columbia Records. They used him to play on some sessions along with working with some of the artists they were considering signing.
At some point, Jan decided that living on a farm, growing his own food and playing music was better than the city rat race. So he picked up and moved to the Ozark Mountains and bought a 240 acre farm. He quickly found an exploding music scene in and around Sprinfield Missouri. He played in various bands and also met some of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. He formed and joined different bands with various members playing acoustic,bluegrass and rock music. He played around in the club scene at college towns across the midwest from Lincoln Nebraksa to Wichita Kansas. Eventually history repeating itself, Jan returns to the east coast to help take care of some ailing relatives.
Soon after, he met a singer songwriter and formed a songwriting team that also wrote with an Oscar winning songwriter with a number #1 and number #2 hit. They had songs submitted for major motion picture soundtracks and to major label artists ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Iggy Pop. All these years, Jan never really gave much thought to singing lead until a friend pushed him a bit. The result is the cd "Just Monkeyin' Around" which is a collection of some obscure and some popular covers along with 3 originals. The sound is acoustic based pop-rock, with lots of melodies and harmonies accompanied by acoustic guitars,mandolin,slide and 12 string guitars. Jan has already started to record a followup with more original recordings and is extremely excited about both projects

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First 4 songs from my Spoondrift CD..

Link Below if ya wanna checkout the complete CD !!

Also I'll be releasing a Sequel to "Just Monkeyin Around" called" More Monkeyin"...It was recorded during the same period with a similar sound...

some time soon :)

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